Anni Albers (1899-1994)
Edition of 150
Hand tufted wool rug
0.75 x 2.75 m (2’6” x 9’) 

Adapted from a 1959 runner design. 

Produced in association with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

£595.00 Available

Anni Albers is perhaps the best-known textile artist of the twentieth century. She worked primarily in textiles, but later in life also worked as a printmaker. She produced numerous designs in ink washes for her textiles, and occasionally experimented with jewelry. Her woven works include many wall hangings, curtains and bedspreads, mounted “pictorial” images, and mass-produced yard material. Her weavings are often constructed of both traditional and industrial materials, for example sometimes combining jute, paper, and cellophane.

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